Why choose us ?

  • EPL worked in the industry for years, which allow us to get the genuine engine and alternator with advantageous price and finally be able to quote a competitive price

  • Maintenance and overhaul support guaranteed, as our main business also involved in supplying Genuine Cummins and Weichai parts.

  • High cost performence generator  covering power range from 20KW up to 2400KW,with different brands optionable like Cummins , MTU, Perkins, Volve, Deutz, Weichai, Shangchai, Yangdong etc.

  • Freely cusomization, OEM, ODM, Assembling maritime generator with Landbased G-drive engine, no MOQ required.

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MAIN Features
EPL Generators with Rated Power from 25kva-1600kva, designed for continious running or backup running in field of Mining/Power Station/Building/Oil/Telecom/Train/Factory etc. 50Hz or 60Hz are available for Genset, Powered by Cenuine Engines like Cummins,  Perkins,  MTU,  Yuchai,  Weichai EtC, equipped with Deepsea Controller and Cummins Stamford/Leroy Somer/Marathon Alternator. As per customers’ requirement, we can supply open type Genset/with Soundproof Cabinet/with Parallel Cabinet etc.

  • 12V/24V DC starter motor and battery system
  • Brushless, Self-excited, IP22, insulation class H alternator
  • Self enclosed water-cooling system.
  • Optional 8-hours operation base tank
  • All generating sets have gone through rigorous testing before delivery, including 50% load,75%load, 100% load, 110% load,and all protection function (over-speed stop, high water temp,low oil pressure, battery charging failure, emergency stop
OutPut Power
  • 3 Phases 4 wires/ 3 phases 3 wires
  • Phase Voltage: 220V
  • Line Voltage: 380V
  • Frequency: 50HZ
  • Engine Speed: 1500RPM
Engines Available
  • Cummins,Perkins
  • Weichai, Yuchai
Alternator Available
  • Stamford
  • Marathon
  • Leroy Somer
Control Panel Available
  • Deepsea
  • Smartgen