Mr.Geng is the production manager of a mine in Jiangxi. He has 8 Liugong excavators equipped with QSB7 engines produced by Guangxi Cummins. Many of them work for more than 10,000 hours, or even more than 20,000 hours. Under extra bad working conditions, Cummins Power helps Liugong excavators to ensure their outstanding quality and service life.

In this mine, 8 Liugong excavators work an average of 20 hours per day. The operators work in two shifts and the equipment hardly rests, which greatly tests the reliability of excavators. “The mine needs production to be profitable, and to ensure the output requires the continuous construction of excavators. Without excavators of excellent quality, there is no place in the mine.” Mr.Geng said that Liugong excavators have been in the mine for 10 years. These excavators equipped with Cummins QSB7 engines have well-guaranteed the mine output.

QSB7 is an electronically controlled engine based on Cummins B-series for secondary adaptability according to the application characteristics of excavators and other construction machinery.

It has thermal fatigue-resistant cylinder heads, anti-cavitation cylinder blocks, high-strength bearings, and wears resistance. The design and application of the powertrain, etc., endow it with reliable and durable characteristics.

Guangxi Cummins engine adopts a high-efficiency Cummins wastegate turbocharger, which has the fast transient response, smoother supercharging at low speed, and smoother power output at high speed, which effectively improves the fuel economy of the engine and increases the output power and power. At the same time, a high-pressure common rail fuel system is adopted, which can achieve multiple precise fuel injections, with a maximum pressure of 1600bar, more complete combustion, and high combustion efficiency. These are one of the secrets to help customers saving fuel, saving time, and money.

Last but not least, if you want to keep your machines in high-performance and long service life, the most important is regular maintenance.