In order to ensure marine engines always maintain efficient operation, it may need a lot of time, energy, and resources. In order to better prepare and saving time and cost, the following are the most common problems that should be paid attention to when dealing with marine engines.


Faulty alarms and sensors

The main engine is equipped with different sensors to measure actual data and transmit it to the alarm console. However, these sensors may collapse due to factors such as vibration, high temperature, humidity, and dust. To avoid receiving false distress signals, please check all cabin sensors and alarms regularly.


Stuck fuel rack

Sometimes the RPM of the engine will change or even fail to start at all, especially for 2-stroke marine engines. This usually occurs when the fuel rack is stuck, resulting in a lack of fuel supply to the relevant unit. To prevent this from happening, please ensure that the mechanical connecting rod is always well lubricated and lubricated.


Sparks in the main engine exhaust

As the vessel/ship continues to sail slowly and frequently maneuvered, the main engine occasionally generates sparks, which will leave smoke and dust on the path of the EGB boiler.

Arrange to clean the exhaust gas boiler once a month to avoid this problem.


Fuel leakage or fuel valve malfunction

If the fuel treatment is abnormal or the fuel temperature cannot be properly maintained, it will cause the fuel system (especially the fuel valve) to rupture and leak. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to constantly monitor the level and alarms of the “tank high-pressure leak”.


Air leakage

Since the air control device is always in the open position when the engine is used, leakage in this area is often ignored. Intentionally power off all machinery and put it in the “stop” position to easily find the hissing or leaking sound. Simply tighten or replace the affected pipe or joint to solve this problem.


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