The Genuine Cummins Parts Make difference

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The Difference between a Genuine Cummins Part and a non-genuine Part isn't always easy to see. It can be something as small as a ring gar that's a couple of millimeters too wide on a non-genuine part. In a Cummins engine, that small difference could result in less power, insufficient lubrication, poor fuel economy, premature wear and even catastrophic engine failure. While you may save a little money up front by purchasing non-genuine Parts, it could cost you a lot more in the long run. To prove this, Cummins Engineers performed thorough analytical testing pitting Genuine Cummins Parts against Their

China Cummins Factory Plants

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Please notice we are not Cummins company , we are a professional genuine diesel parts supplier . If you're looking for our Cummins Genuine Parts price, please check price directly, for any questions, you can also click here to contact us. But if you want contact Cummins China, here is the 7 * 24 hours hotline: 400-810-5252 China Cummins Branch Company has invests 5 Join-Venture Factory In China Mainland: DCEC-Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company, invested with Dongfeng Motors Ltd, manufacture the Cummins Diesel engine Small-Medium horsepower Engines, Family 4B, 6B, 6C, 6L, ISBe, QSBe, ISDe, ISLe, QSLe Models engines, Rated Power

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