The key for a timing gear installation is: The timing mark on the camshaft timing gear must be aligned with the mark on the crankshaft timing gear.
If it was installed incorrectly, it will directly affect Cummins diesel engine working efficiency and damage the engine, such as push rod or rocker arm will be bent or broken, the valve will hit the piston.
The following steps will help you install engine gears correctly:
All Cummins genuine camshaft timing gears are marked as two chamfers or one point, and usually marked as special color for easy identification, and there is only one chamfer or one point on crankshaft gear.
This tooth of the crankshaft gear must mesh between the two chamfered (or one point) teeth of the timing gear during assembly. The installation diagram of the camshaft timing gear as follows:

If it is a timing belt drive, you also need to pay attention to the valve timing mark during installation, and it cannot be installed in the wrong position. The diagram of the valve timing mark is shown as follows. The specific installation method can refer to the installation requirements of the diesel engine timing belt.

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