Chonqing Cummins(CCEC) Engine’s Injection Timing Code

Injection Timing is the time at which injection of fuel into the combustion chamber begins. It is usually expressed in crank angle degrees (CAD) relative to TDC of the compression stroke. In some cases, it is important to differentiate between the indicated SOI and actual SOI. SOI is often indicated by an easily measured parameter such as the time that an electronic trigger is sent to the injector or a signal from a needle lift sensor that indicates when the injector needle valve starts to open. The point in the cycle where this occurs is the indicated SOI. Due to the mechanical response of the injector, there can be a delay between the indicated SOI and the actual SOI when fuel exits the injector nozzle into the combustion chamber. The difference between the actual SOI and indicated SOI is the injector lag.


For Cummins K serial Engines, the Injection timing is the distance between the injector plunger and the plunger sleeve when the piston is at 5.16 mm / 0.2032 inches or 19 ° before the top dead center of the compression stroke.

The fuel injection timing is expressed by the stroke margin of the push rod.


The Cummins Engine’s Injection Timing code is on the engine’s nameplate, the code is the Alphabets for the meaning of the technical data, which you could check out the info on the CPL list info, KTA19 engine’s overhaul maintenance Books.


Here is the K19 Engine’s Timing Code and Technical Data:


K19 Timing Code

Timing Code         Push Rod Travel mm(In.)     Tolerance mm(In.)

AE                                     2.74(0.108)                       ±.05(0.002)

CI                                      2.90(0.114)                        ±.05(0.002)

AM                                   3.00(0.118)                        ±.05(0.002)

AJ                                    3.20(0.126)                         ±.05(0.002)

CU                                   3.25(0.128)                         ±.05(0.002)

CL                                   3.66(0.144)                         ±.05(0.002)


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