China and India Cummins Joint Venture Engine Structure Data

Some older and some current engine models from Cummins’ Joint Venture partners in China and India were not structured or released into Cummins product definition engineering systems and are not supported with parts graphics or OEPL option structure.

To improve global customer support for JV products, Cummins acquired “as built” parts information for many of these engines from the Joint Venture partners and has made the parts information available through QuickServe Online.

Affected China JVs include DFM Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co. and CQP Chongqing Cummins Engine Co. The Indian JVs include CIL Cummins India Ltd. and TEL Tata Cummins Ltd.

Older part numbers represented in the “as built” engine records may not be available through Cummins Parts Distribution Centers and must be sourced directly from the JVs or their OEM dealers. For availability through Cummins, contact your local Cummins distributor or your regional Cummins PDC representative. For parts not available through Cummins, distributors and independent dealers are instructed to contact either the OEM equipment dealer or the Joint Venture Export Support Team at the email address below.

China Joint Venture contact information

DFM – Dongfeng Cummins Export Support Specialist

ESN ranges: 69000000 – 69999999,  87000000 – 87999999

Cummins Beijing – Customer Service Center – Beijing, China


CQP – Chonqing Cummins Export Support Specialist

ESN range: 41000000 – 42999999

Cummins Beijing – Customer Service Center – Beijing, China


India Joint Venture contact information

TEL – Tata Cummins Ltd Export Engine Support Specialist

ESN range :  62000000 – 64999999

Jitendra Kumar,

Tata Cummins Limited – Jamshedpur, India


CIL – Cummins India Ltd Export Engine Support Specialist

ESN range : 25000000 – 25999999

Ramesh Phanse,

Cummins India Limited – Pune, India

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