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Xi’an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. is located in the historic cultural city — Xi’an, is the world’s leading power equipment manufacturer Cummins United Statesxian-cummins-engine-co-ltd
Sri Lanka 11 l heavy-duty engines in North America outside of the sole global production base. The modern plant is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone Jingwei Industrial Park, covering about 200 acres, was established in December 16, 2005, August 8, 2007 formally put into production, annual production capacity of 50,000 units.

The main engine models assembled at XCEC :

-M11: Mechanical control used for on-highway,industrial,marine,G-drive

-ISM11:Electronical control, on-highway

Models Rated Power@rpm Max Torque  @RPM Nm/rpm N’ of Cylinders Volume(L) Air Intake
ISM11E5 345 345 @ 1900 1699 @ 1200 6, In Line 10.8 Turbocharger Air-Air Cooled
ISM11E5 385 385 @ 1900 1825 @ 1200 6, In Line 10.8 Turbocharger Air-Air Cooled
ISM11E5 420 420 @ 1900 2000 @ 1200 6, In Line 10.8 Turbocharger Air-Air Cooled
ISM11E5 440 440 @ 1900 2080 @ 1200-1300 6, In Line 10.8 Turbocharger Air-Air Cooled

-QSM11-C :Electronical control, industrial engine

Xi’an Cummins uses technology import mode to synchronize with the European and American markets, the production of 11 liters Cummins ISM series all-electric heavy-duty diesel engines. The engine is the flagship company developed the power of Cummins heavy-duty vehicles and equipment, covering the power range 308-440 hp meet Euro II (second year), Euro III (third year), Euro IV (National IV) emission standards worldwide ownership of nearly 50 million units, with an average overhaul mileage more than one million kilometers, the total mileage over 300 billion kilometers, after testing the market, with first-class reliability and durability.

Xi’an Cummins has a skilled team of product development and application, product design and process research to maintain synchronization with the international level; the use of advanced global Cummins live simulation software application to provide customers with the best matching programs, the company introduced the world’s most advanced Cummins production lines and manufacturing processes, according to Cummins global quality standards, to build an international-class manufacturing capability to provide customers with advanced technology, reliable quality products and services.

Xi’an Cummins European and American markets simultaneously use of advanced quality management system, access to ISO9001 and ISO / TS16949 international quality management standard certification; consistently adhere to the “always customer needs first, adhere to the principle of continuous improvement and innovation, the first time to provide customers with first-class products and quality services, to ensure real value for customers “business principles.

“Clean power, excellent quality,” Xi’an Cummins will give full play to the advantages of local production, close to the Chinese customers, adhering to the “Cummins power to build a better life” concept will Cummins North American flagship product ideally suited to playing a more dynamic China market demand.

Xi’an Cummins is a perfectionist, to product quality and cheap, quality to the most perfect; powerful is important, equally important to achieve energy conservation, low-carbon environmental protection is everyone’s responsibility, green technology to the most perfect; each Buy Xi’an Cummins products customers have become repeat customers because of Xi’an Cummins long warranty maintenance period, but also the perfect after-sales service …… advocating a perfect Xi’an Cummins how to make their own memories left flaw? let’s work together Recalling no defects 2010 Xi’an Cummins.

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