Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Foton Cummins) is the world’s largest independent engine manufacturer – Cummins Inc. and China’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer – Beiqi Foton Motor Co. to set up a 50:50 joint venture for light diesel engine manufacturers. The total investment of more than 4.9 billion yuan, with an annual capacity of up to five hundred and twenty thousand units, the products include Cummins ISF / QSF (road / non-road) series of 2.8 liters and 3.8 liters, ISF and ISG Series 4.5 liters light series 11 l , 12 liters of heavy diesel engines. Foton Cummins is the world’s most advanced diesel engine production base.ISF / QSF series inline four-cylinder high-pressure direct injection diesel engines Cummins invested heavily in research and development for the future all-electric light diesel engine, power coverage 46-210 horsepower. ISF / QSF engine with a compact, light weight, low noise and low emissions, and can meet the Euro IV (State IV), Euro V (State V) and Euro VI emission and the fourth phase of the global non-road to the highest standards. Suitable for light (middle) card, VAN, light passenger car, pickup truck, MPV utility vehicles, SUV and other light vehicles as well as small construction machinery and small generators and other off-highway equipment.ISG series of ultra-high pressure direct injection inline six-cylinder engine is the Cummins launched a new heavy-duty engine platform, covering a power range 310–512 horsepower and peak torque of 2300 Nm, the use of ultra-high pressure Cummins XPI fuel injection technology, especially the ISG Series to meet the diverse global emission standards designed to meet the Euro IV (State IV) and Euro V (State V) emissions, Euro VI emissions standards, and the fourth stage of the highest global non-road under development. ISG specializes in providing an ideal solution for power tractor, dump truck, flatbed truck, special vehicles and buses as well as buses and so on.
Foton Cummins ISF and ISG factory has the world’s leading technology in accordance with standards and quality control standards for engine design manufacturing systems. Workshop production line includes a cylinder block and cylinder head machining line, assembly line, test line, paint line and attached lines. High degree of automation equipment, extensive preventive error prevention technology. Plant operations strictly follow the Cummins Operating System (COS). Foton Cummins has passed the TS16949, ISO14000 and OHSAS18001 certification.
Foton Cummins on March 26, 2008 was formally established in June 2009 to achieve volume production ISF, ISG achieve mass production in Q2 2014.

Model Emission standardGoverned PS(Kw)@RPMPeak TorqueCylindersDisplacement(Liters)Air IntakeAfter-treatement
ISF 2.8
ISF2.8s5129TTier/Euro 5129(96)@2900315@150042.8Turbocharger Air-Air CooledSCR
ISF2.8s5148TTier/Euro 5148(110)@2900360@150042.8Turbocharger Air-Air CooledSCR
ISF2.8s4107PTier/Euro 4107(80)@3600280@1400-240042.8Turbocharger Air-Air CooledEGR+DOC
ISF2.8s4129PTier/Euro 4129(96)@3600280@1400-300042.8Turbocharger Air-Air CooledEGR+DOC
ISF2.8s4161PTier/Euro 4161(120)@3600360@1800-300042.8Turbocharger Air-Air CooledEGR+DOC
ISF2.8s4129TTier/Euro 4129(96)@3200310@1600-270042.8Turbocharger Air-Air CooledSCR
ISF2.8s4148TTier/Euro 4148(110)@3200360@1800-270042.8Turbocharger Air-Air CooledSCR
ISF2.8s3129TTier/Euro 3129(96)@3200310@1600-270042.8Turbocharger Air-Air Cooled
ISF2.8s3148TTier/Euro 3148(110)@3200360@1800-270042.8Turbocharger Air-Air Cooled
ISF 3.8
ISF3.8s3141Tier/Euro 3141(105)@2600450@130043.8Turbocharger Air-Air Cooled
ISF3.8s3154Tier/Euro 3154(115)@2600500@130043.8Turbocharger Air-Air Cooled
ISF3.8s3168Tier/Euro 3168(125)@2600600@130043.8Turbocharger Air-Air Cooled
ISF3.8s4141Tier/Euro 4141(105)@2600450@1200-220043.8Turbocharger Air-Air CooledSCR
ISF3.8s4154Tier/Euro 4154(115)@2600500@1200-190043.8Turbocharger Air-Air CooledSCR
ISF3.8s4168Tier/Euro 4168(125)@2600600@1300-170043.8Turbocharger Air-Air CooledSCR
ISF3.8s5141Tier/Euro 5141(105)@2600450@1200-220043.8Turbocharger Air-Air CooledSCR
ISF3.8s5154Tier/Euro 5154(115)@2600500@1200-190043.8Turbocharger Air-Air CooledSCR
ISF3.8s5168Tier/Euro 5168(125)@2600600@1300-170043.8Turbocharger Air-Air CooledSCR


kW(hp) @ rpmN?m @ rpmEmission Standard
ISGe4 310228 (310) @ 19001400 @ 1000Tier/Euro 4
ISGe4 330243 (330) @ 19001700 @ 1000Tier/Euro 4
ISGe4 350257 (350) @ 19001800 @ 1000Tier/Euro 4
ISGe4 380279 (380) @ 19002000 @ 1000Tier/Euro 4
ISGe4 400294 (400) @ 19002100 @ 1000Tier/Euro 4
ISGe4 430316 (430) @ 19002200 @ 1000Tier/Euro 4
ISGe4 460331 (460) @ 19002300 @ 1000Tier/Euro 4
ISGe4 490360 (490) @ 19002300 @ 1000Tier/Euro 4


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