A class/daily maintenance for Cummins Genset KTA19/KTA38/KTA50

  • Check Engine Oil Level/Coolant level
  • Check and make sure no damage and leakage of Genset
  • Check if V-ribbed Belt is loose or worn
  • Inspect the Air Cleaner Element/Fuel Filter and change if necessary
  • Release the sediment from Fuel tank
  • Go over the starter battery and fluid, refill in time
  • Cleansing water tank/cooler when in need

B class maintenance for Cummins Genset KTA19/KTA38/KTA50

  • Every 100-250 hours change the fuel filter. Replacement time depends on the real status
  • Every 200-250 hours change the oil filter. Lubricating oil should meet America APICF or above.  (Note: Both Fuel filter and Oil filter can’t be cleansing)
  • Replace the Air filter or cleansing with air gun when Genset works every 300-400 hours
  • Clean the Crankcase breather filter

C class maintenance for Cummins Generator KTA19/KTA38/KTA50

After your Genset works 2000-3000 hours, you should check the below parts:

  • Check and fasten all the screws, for both running parts and fixed parts
  • Remove valve cover and clean the oil sludge inside
  • Cleansing the oil sludge/sediment in crankcase
  • Check the turbocharger if worn and remove the carbon deposit, replace if necessary
  • Adjust valve lash clearance
  • Check the PT Pump and injector, set injector timing according to engine timing code and push rod travel if necessary
  • Inspect and adjust Fan belt, water pump belt, replace if in need
  • Check and replace the Thermostat, cleansing radiator condenser