March 26, 2015, Beijing – Cummins Emission Technologies is a leading manufacturer of world-class power, has the broadest product lines and flexible power solutions. Raised to 95 from a 2.8-liter engine (power coverage 46-4200 horsepower), well received by the trust of customers from mechanical engine to meet the stringent emission requirements of electronically controlled engines, comprehensive coverage of road and non-road variety of applications. In the 15th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE 2015), the high-horsepower Cummins demonstrated against shale gas fracturing application development QSK50 electronically controlled dual-fuel engines meet Euro 5 emissions ISX15 truck-mounted drilling machine repair with heavy-duty electronically controlled engine, and K38 mechanical rig and mud pump engines.

May 16, 2014, the ministry released the emission standards for non-road mobile equipment China three countries (China Stage III), for the first time on the rated power greater than 560 kilowatts (751 hp) engine emission requirements proposed. “Cummins high-horsepower engine emissions equivalent products as early as 2010 had been put on the market, the technology is mature, reliable products, widely popular in the international market.” Mr. Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman and Executive General Manager, said Jie Wang . “With the upgrading of China’s emissions, Cummins technology offers the advantages of high-end equipment for the oil and gas efficiency, energy saving, environmentally friendly power.” In China mobile drilling machine repair market, Cummins Emission leading technology and products with excellent performance to win the customer’s approval and trust.

Cummins for oil and gas applications developed a full range of exclusive power products for fracturing truck, cementing truck, blender, mud pumps, mechanical drilling rig, electric rig, workover and other high-end equipment, compact, high power density, powerful. Intelligent engine control system, and the host system integration synergies, cost-effective, remote monitoring and diagnostics, safe and reliable. Cummins advanced emission treatment system, mature technology, energy saving, oil adaptability. Cummins professional and thoughtful full-service relay, as the top priority for troubleshooting when the device is moved along the regional information sharing, fully prepared to respond quickly and provide customers with a full range of the best protection.

In North America’s largest shale gas field los Macedo, Cummins is a major power equipment supplier. There are nearly 300 nationwide fracturing equipment Cummins powered dual-fuel engines. Cummins QSK50 high-powered dual-fuel engines, both diesel-driven, but also the use of diesel fuel and natural gas hybrid drive, the replacement rate up to 70% fuel cost savings of nearly 40%. Cummins diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions to meet the second phase of the EPA off-road emissions standards in North America.

Cummins to meet the Euro 5 / country-road emissions standards 5 15 liters ISX series of heavy flagship product, the maximum power of 600 hp and peak torque of 2508 cattle ∙ m, heavy performance, using a new generation of selective catalytic reduction after treatment systems (SCR) when ultra-low emissions to achieve the best efficiency, workover equipment needed to meet the harsh conditions of high intensity operations.

Cummins K38 mechanical rig and mud pump engines, a perfect match with the gearbox, electric control after upgrading to meet the country’s three non-road emissions standards, strong oil adaptability and cost-effective. Cummins engine and gearbox may need to provide complete sets of power pack according to the market.