• Super Power
  1. Covering 450-890 horsepower, maximum torque 2586 N.m
  2. Dead weight 1838 kg, large power dead weight ratio!


  • Low oil consumption, good economy  
  1. Cummins PT fuel systems in patented technology , ultra high injection pressure, ensure good engine atomization and full burning.
  2. Efficient Holset waste gas turbocharger ensure intake fully, improve engine efficiency, further improve combustion, reduce engine oil consumption.
  3. Air to air intercooler technology guarantee intake more fully, better fuel economy.


  • Compact structure, convenient maintenance
  1.  Replaceable wet cylinder liner, easy replacement and good radiating.
  2. Cylinder block and cylinder head adopt built-in pressure oil way, compact structure, low failure rate.


  • Advanced design, reliable performance
  1. Cylinder Block: high strength alloy cast iron, rigid, little vibration, low noise.
  2. Cylinder Head:  four valves per cylinder, optimization air/fuel mixing ratio, improve combustion and discharge effectively.
  3. Camshaft: large diameter camshaft can withstand higher load, the new design can accurately control valve and the injection timing,the optimization of CAM contour line can reduce the impact, improving the reliability and durability.
  4. Crankshaft: high strength steel forging the integral crankshaft, induction of quenching process of edges and shaft neck result higher crankshaft fatigue strength.
  5. Piston: with the latest aluminum alloy casting technology, ω type head and bucket skirt design can compensate for the heat bilges cold shrink, ensure good cooperation.


  • Professional configuration, high quality
  1. Lubrication system: all moving parts are forced lubrication; The large capacity gear pump provide pressure oil lubrication to lubricate the bearing and cooling the piston; Oil cooler, compound filter help to maintain a good oil state.
  2. Fuel systems:  PT fuel oil system of patented technology, optimize the burning, the power surge; STC distribute timing system to make sure that the work condition better; use Low voltage supply system with fuel unidirectional circuits, safe and reliable.
  3. Cooling system: use centrifugal pump compel water-cooling, big flow channel design and good cooling effect; circle installed water filter and loading special DCA additives can prevent corrosion and erosion, control cooling fluid acidity and remove impurities.
  4. Air handling system: Holset waste gas turbocharger further improve combustion; Pressure pulse exhaust pipe make full use of waste gas energy, improve engine efficiency; Air-air cooling technology ensure better fuel economy and emissions.


  • Mature products, famed around the world
  1. Wide application: since cummins entered China in 1975, K19 series engine widely used in engineering machinery, heavy vehicles, power generation, Marine power, etc.
  2. High reputation: as one of the main model of cummins family, K19 series engine with strong power, low fuel consumption, high reliability and low maintenance costs won the fields customers’ high recognition.
  3. Technology upgrade: Air to air intercooler and Slow starting technology improves engine indexes of reliability, power performance, fuel economy, and emissions.