Latest Technology launched in China. The non-EGR design meets customer’s demand for performance and emissions entirely.

Cummins, the global leader in multi-component power solutions field, officially announced the intelligent control NS6 solution at Beijing International Road Transport, City Bus and Parts Expo on May 28th. Cummins’ NS6 solution adopts non-EGR design, which is the most advanced Cummins power solution in the world. It can meet the emission requirements of the NS6 B-stage and Euro6-D stage, meanwhile can achieve excellent fuel consumption.

Cummins collaborated with Chinese OEM partners to develop R&D tests, developed the NS6 power technology route with non-EGR design, which adopted a DPF+DOC+SCR integrated post processing systemn, the convert rate can reach 96-99%.

Extend product line to fullfil the power needs of light/medium/heavy commercial vehicles.

  • Cummins Smart Control’s non-EGR NS6 Power product line varies from 2.8L 105 hp to 14L 600 hp, adding four new products, namely the 4L, 6.2L, 13L and 14L engines. The engine power of all platforms has been enhanced to provide a wider range of peak torque speeds and better low-speed torque, providing full-coverage power solutions for the entire industry.
  • In the light field, product line is enhanced. Can meet the market’s diversified requirements, horsepower and torque are fully enhanced, new design of 2.8L platform make the noise reduced by 3 decibels and power increased by 20%.
  • In the medium-sized field, upgrade the 5.9L platform to the 6.2L, and the classic 6.7L platform is enhanced by power and reliability.
  • In the heavy-duty field, X-Family is further expanded to include 11L, 12L and 13L. The Z-Falimy is newly designed: displacement increased to 14L, weight reduced by 250kg, torque increased by 14% with maximum to over 2800N·m.

High performance of power, fuel consumption, comfort and safety

  • Dynamics – engine power of the entire line enhanced, higher specific power, low-speed with high-torque, excellent performance in starting, acceleration and climbing, good adaptability in high temperature and high altitude areas.
  • Reliability – lifespan of B10 product has been upgraded; non-EGR system has further improved the engine’s reliability, component technologies have been iteratively upgraded to ensure a higher attendance rate.
  • Intelligence – Cummins’ intelligent electronic control system has been fully upgraded, the world’s latest achievements have been launched in China. Processing speed is faster, control is more precise, and the reliability is more durable. Meanwhile post-processing control module is integrated and upgraded to improve efficiency; more accurate combustion and thermal management control, reduce fuel and urea consumption.
  • Economy – emission standards upgraded to NS6, lower fuel consumption and higher effective attendance rate; Meanwhile it can meet the three-phase fuel consumption standard of China and the latest fuel consumption standard of the European Union; In addition, Cummins’ original engine oil “Consun Blue Extreme” is independently developed for Cummins’ NS6 engine and after-treatment systems to help improve durability and reliability and extend the oil change intervals.
  • Comfort & Safety – NS6’s full line engines use in-cylinder braking capabilities to improve safety significantly. Also optimize the vibration noise, reduce engine noise, help OEMs to further reduce vehicle noise, improve driving comfort.

Global Products, Debut in China

The technology of Cummins NS6 Platform engines is synchronized with that of North America and superior to Europe’s current products, the advanced technologies reduced the engine’s fuel consumption, helping OEMs achieve China’s three-phase fuel consumption and the latest EU fuel consumption standards.