Maintenance by class as follow:
Daily maintenance (daily work)
First class technical maintenance (up to working 100h or every other month)
Second class technical maintenance ( up to working 500h or every other 6 month)
Third class technical maintenance ( up to working 1000h ~1500h or every other 1 year)

Whatever which class maintenance should be have plan and step by step for check and install, and use the tools reasonable and after disassemble parts should keep it clear, and plain anti-corrosive oil, also remember it the corresponding location for removable parts, and un-removable parts construction point, and assemble interval and adjust method. In the mean time keep diesel engine clear and accessory.

Daily maintenance
Daily maintenance items and maintenance procedure according to schedule 3-1 progress.

Schedule 3-1

Maintenance items Progress procedure
Check fuel oil case oil mass Observe fuel oil case stock oil, according to require add
Check oil pan oil level Oil should reach oil gauge reticle, if less, add to stipulate measure
Check 3 leaks ( water, oil, gas) situation Remove oil, water pipe connect etc seal up leaking, leaking water, clear up gold, exhaust pipe, cylinder cover gasket and turbocharger leaking.
Check diesel each accessory install situation Including each attached install stable, foundation bolt with working mechanical connect firm.
Check each instrument Watch numerical reading whether normal, otherwise repair or change in time.
Check injection pump drive link Connect bolt whether tight, otherwise adjust injection and tight connect bolt
Wash diesel and attached equipment Use dry towel clear oil stain, water, dusty, use compressor air blow dusty for alternator, radiator, fan.










First class technical maintenance
Except daily maintenance, need to added items for 3-2 indicated

Schedule 3-2

Maintenance items Progress procedure
Check storage battery voltage and electrolyte proportion Use proportion and test electrolyte proportion, the value 1.28~1.30(environment temperature when 20 ?) normally not lower 1.27. same time liquid level should higher polar plate 10~15mm, when not enough add distilled water.
Check triangle rubber belt tension Adjust method for belt tension, check and adjust belt tight
Wash oil pump observe oil coarse strainer Open block over, open coarse strainer spring locking plate, strike rose box clear in diesel oil, after blow dry.
Clear air filter Air filter should clear steel wool, change oil, cyclone type air filter, clear dusty for dust collecting plate, PAPRT CARTRIDGE in correct way maintain
Clear ventilate pipe inside filter Take out block cover inside pipe filter, put into diesel oil or gas oil clear, after install.
Clear fuel filter Each other 200h around, take down filter put into diesel oil or coal oil clear or change mandrill, mean time remove water and sediment
Clear oil filter Normally every each other 200h progress.
1, clear wound-rotor Strainer element.
2, for scraped surface filter, turn hand shank filter greasy dirt, or put into diesel oil brush.
3, centrifugal filter rotor put into diesel oil or coal oil wash.
Clear turbocharge oil filter and intake pipe Filter and pipe put into diesel or coal oil wash, after blow dry, for protection dusty.
Change oil inside oil pan According to oil used situation ( oil smirch and dynamic viscosity lower) every each other 200~300h change one time.
Add lubrication oil or lubricating grease For all injection nozzle and mechanical speed connect, add lubricating grease or oil
Clear cool water radiator Put clear water inside radiator, clear sediment


Second class technical maintenance
Except first class technical maintain, need to add items for 3-3 indicated.

Schedule 3-3

Maintenance items Progress procedure
Check injector Check injection pressure, observe atomizing situation, other for clear and adjust.
Check injection pump For adjust when needed
Check valve interval, injection advance angle For adjust when needed
Check intake, exhaust valve seal situation Strike cylinder over, observe conical surface seal, wear and tear situation, grind repair for needed.
Check water pump leaking situation Such as overflow drip, should change water seal ring
Check cylinder liner water seal ring for sea water situation Strike block big window cover, from cylinder liner below check whether leaking, otherwise should demolition cylinder liner, change new rubber water seal.
Check transducer cover injection plug Strike front cover, check injection plug orifice whether unobstructed, if stop up, should be clear.
Check cool water radiator and oil radiator, after cooler If leaking water, leaking oil, should be repair needed.
Check main parts tight situation For connect rod bolt, bearing nut, cylinder cover nut for check, if needed strike it check after tight it again to torque.
Check electricity equipment Each electrical connection whether connected, if scaling loss should be replace
Clear oil, fuel oil system pipeline Included clear oil pan, oil pipeline, oil after cooler, fuel oil case and pipeline, clear dirty and blow
Clear cooling system water pipeline Introduce except cleaning solution, it still can use every liter water add 150g caustic soda ( NaOHO) Liquid drop full to diesel engine cooling system leave 8~12h after start diesel engine, for outlet water temperature higher than 75°, let out cleaning solution, use clear water cleaning cooling system again.
Clear turbocharger gas, oil road Included clear inducer, booster impeller, booster inside surface, turbo and etc parts greasy dirt and carbon deposition


Third class technical maintenance
Except second class technical items, need to add items for 3-4 indicated

Schedule 3-4

Maintenance items Progress procedure
Check cylinder cover assemble Check valve, valve seat, valve guide, valve spring, push rod, and rocker lever matching surface abrade situation, if needed for repair or change.
Check piston connection rod assemble Check piston ring, cylinder liner, connection rod bushing and connection rod bearing abrade situation, for change if needed.
Check crankshaft assemble Check push bearing, push plate abrade situation, rolling main bearing inside/outside whether have moving, repair or change for needed.
Checked transmission gear and port timing Check port timing, observe transmission gear occlusion surface abrasive wear situation, and test Gear clearance, repair or change for needed.
Check injector Check injector atomizing situation, if need change or grind for spray nozzle couple parts.
Check injection pump Check pommel couple parts seal of fly pin abrade situation, change it for needed.
Check turbocharger Check impeller and mono block interval, float bearing, turbo-rotor bearing and valve seal, oil seal etc parts abrade situation, for repair or change when needed.
Check oil pump, fresh water pump For rapid wear parts strip inspection and test, and adjustment.
Check cylinder cover and intake, exhaust pipe gasket Damaged or lost seal should be change.
Check charge alternator and motor starter Wash each, bearing, blow dry after add new lubrication grease, check motor starter gear abrade situation and transmission whether flexible.