Cummins values customer feedback and strives to continuously improve to make our customers’ experiences with us positive and effortless.In 2013, Cummins improved responsiveness to product change requests, making the customer experience with Cummins Emission Solutions (CES) – China better than ever.A product change request is a way in which customers can customize a standard Cummins product when the standard is deemed inadequate for the customer’s application. In June 2012, an average of nine product change requests – which might include the changing of inlet and outlet positions, for example – were submitted each month in China. Following a Net Promoter System (NPS) Workshop in which customers requested a faster response time to these product change requests, CES China set out to creatively find a way to meet customer needs. They created a pre-evaluation committee with experienced functional representatives to clearly understand each customer request and guide customers to a win-win scenario.During the pre-evaluation trial run from January to May 2013, 100 percent of the 23 product change requests submitted were approved, and 70 percent of those were approved within two weeks. According to recent data, 70 percent of requests today are processing within the expected two week timeline.Thanks to CES China’s ambition, Cummins is now:Additional ResourcesCummins – Improving Our Customers’ Experience

Cummins Emission Solutions China Improves Response Time