Cummins has released its 11th Sustainability Report, including more data, stories and photographs about the Company than ever before.“I think it’s safe to say that this is the most global report we’ve ever put together,” said Cummins Sustainability Report Editor Blair Claflin. “This edition includes  stories from Brazil, Chile, China, India, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries, too.”This year’s theme is “Living Our Values.” The report looks at the way Cummins and its employees are living the Company’s values of Integrity, Innovation, Delivering Super Results, Corporate Responsibility, Diversity and Global Involvement.The lead article is on  the Company’s latest Environmental Sustainability Plan. The plan addresses everything from Cummins’ manufacturing operations to the Company’s engines and generators in use. It establishes goals by 2020 or earlier for reducing the energy and greenhouse gas emissions Cummins’ operations produce, as well as the water Cummins uses and the waste it disposes.Cummins has been working to reduce its environmental footprint for many years. For example, it reached a major milestone just last year when direct water use by Cummins facilities fell below the one billion gallon mark, after a reduction of more than 100 million gallons in 2013. Meanwhile, the Company’s recycling rate increased to 89 percent last year.The latest environmental sustainability plan is the Company’s most comprehensive and will provide Cummins a framework to pursue positive environmental impacts in the future.The Sustainability Report also takes an extensive look at the products and product updates introduced by Cummins in 2013 and 2014, many reducing emissions, improving fuel consumption, or both. The Company’s new G series engines, for example, have significantly reduced the weight of the engine platform while a new line of Cummins generators is offering quiet, fuel-efficient backup power.Cummins had an outstanding year in Corporate Responsibility in 2013 with employees contributing a record number of hours to community building activities. In addition, the Company’s Environmental Challenge, where  employee-led Community Involvement Teams compete to be selected as the community improvement project with the most environmental impact, reduced green house gas emissions more than four times the previous year.Health and Safety continued to drive down several key safety metrics while Diversity Procurement neared the $1 billion mark in spending with diverse suppliers in 2013.“There’s also a lot of great people stories in the report, from an employee overcoming physical disabilities in Brazil to Cummins employees who helped rescue their colleagues after they suffered heart attacks,” Claflin said. “My hope is that readers will get a sense of why Cummins is a special place to work.”The 2013-2014 Report includes one other new feature. The report is laid out in a horizontal format to make it easier to read on a computer. Cummins hopes over time to improve the online presentation of the report to reduce the need for readers to print out information.Both the report and the summary are available by clicking on this link.EDITOR’S NOTE: The Sustainability website will now start populating areas of this website with information from the report. But at least initially the report and the executive summary are the best places to go for the latest sustainability information at Cummins.