1.What is the normal operating water temperature?

In general, the best water temperature about 95 ℃, the diesel engine is the most energy saving this condition.Cummins engine can accurately control the temperature in the range, water temperature between 85-85 ℃ during normal operation, excessive driving instrument can be observed.When the temperature exceeds 107 ℃ (red area), the engine will automatically limit twist, engine trouble light and water level alarm lamp will light, when stop indicator should immediately pull over.

2.How to control the water temperature?

For an engine, the key is the fuel economy and the fan.Engine using two different thermostat at the same time, the first thermostat opens when the water temperature is 82 ℃, 88 ℃ second thermostat opens.Engine using fan for the silicone oil fan, when the water temperature is more than 93.7 ℃, it began to work;As the temperature rose to 97.7 ℃, the fan didn’t work under 100% of the state, namely the fan at the highest speed.

3.What is the oil pressure when running?

Cummins engine adopts new research and development technology, the oil pressure can meet the use demand and reach the goal of 100,000 km maintenance and reducing fuel consumption.Engine design low idle speed engine oil pressure >1.24bar, rated speed >2.07bar.In general, the oil pressure of the engine cold car start-up is about 2.2bar.When the engine oil is lower than the set value, the engine will light up the oil alarm lamp and the engine failure lamp.

4.What are the advantages of lower oil pressure?

Based on the special lubricating oil way design, the engine can quickly establish fluid dynamic pressure, oil pressure is 50% lower than the industry can meet the engine lubrication requirements of each moving pair, greatly reduces the power loss.The engine also adopts rotor-type oil pump, which is driven directly by crankshaft gear, with high efficiency, low mechanical power loss and stable oil pressure of low-speed machine.


5.Why is there a downdraft?

When the engine is working, a small amount of gas from the combustion chamber will flow into the crankcase through the clearance between the piston ring and the cylinder, forming a normal channeling gas, which is usually referred to as the lower exhaust.Its main components are exhaust gas, oil vapor, a small amount of water vapor and so on.In order to extend the service life of engine oil, reduce the wear and corrosion of parts, and prevent engine oil leakage caused by excessive crankcase pressure, crankcase ventilation must be carried out, and the lower exhaust must be discharged timely.


6.How to determine whether the engine oil consumption is normal?

Engine working principle determines the engine normally associated with the appropriate oil consumption, in part because of the inevitable partial oil caused by the exhaust steam consumption, another part of the reason is the piston ring blow the rest of the oil residue in the combustor burn!


The ratio of national standard engine oil quality to fuel quality shall not exceed 0.3%.Cummins motor oil consumption standard is no more than 0.15%, that is, 1000L diesel, less than 1.5l oil consumption.Due to engine design and unique cylinder engine crankshaft respirator has exclusive patent, greatly reduced the incidence of the exhaust, reduce oil consumption, and high temperature oil steam more promptly eliminate, prolong oil life, ensure that the engine can up to 100000 km maintenance requirements.The consumption of engine oil is also closely related to the engine oil mark, climate temperature, load conditions, etc., but as long as it is within the normal range, the engine performance and service life will not be affected!