DCEC Cummins Engine C serial engine’s Operation and Maintenance Manual is available from our company for your enginen’s maintenance reference, if need this one, please kindly contact our sale team to supply.

Meanwhile, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company(DCEC) manufactued all Engine’s parts catalog and operation, maintenance manual all available from us for your reference.

For the Engine’s Spare parts order, please make sure the order base on the latest manuacture when ordering, because of products promotion, some parts may update the struction, size and parts numbers.

The Current Parts catalogue update won’t go along with the products promotion, the current parts catalogue doesn’t apply to the foundation of the spare parts.

If you have the DONGFENG Cummins Engine’s spare parts need to order, please kindly contact our sale team and provide your engine’s serial number or nameplate and the parts list, we will check out the all correct Parts list with parts numbers for your engine.