Phenomenon: TY320B Bulldozer equipped with Cummins Engine NTA855-C360. After 800 hours working time, some water appears in cylinder everyday when engine shutdown. Next morning it’ll be hard to start and some water will be sprayed out from exhaust pipe.

Failure Analysis and solutions:

1 Cylinder Head Gasket burns and causes water leak

Troubleshooting: After engine totally cooled(4-5hours), dismantle the cylinder head and check the cylinder head gasket. If gasket burns then change it. If no problems, go on with the following steps.

2 Cylinder Head has cracks or injector nozzle copper sleeve leaks

Troubleshooting: Block the waterway ports of Cylinder head with specific steel plates and gaskets and only leave one port connected to air compressor. Soak the whole cylinder head in water, start the air compressor to make air pressure reach 0.2MPa or more. Observe carefully, if no air bubbles occurs then indicating that the cylinder head has no cracks, nozzle copper sleeve is not corrosive and cylinder head water channel are well sealed.

3 Intercooler problem causes water leakage

Troubleshooting: make the overall pressure test of Intercooler and find that bubbles were generated. Then remove the intercooler housing and make pressure test of cooler core, if bubbles occur then change the cooler core, if no bubble found, check the inlet and outlet connector gaskets and O-ring seals to see if they’re aging and lose the elasticity.