Troubleshooting – Engine Will Not Crank or Cranks Slowly

Cause                                              Correction

      Engine Drive Units Engaged                                 ↓ok Disengage driven units and check for loading from malfunctioning accessories.
  Crankshaft Rotation Restricted                                ↓ok Rotate the crankshaft to check for rotational resistance.
      Starting Circuit Connections                 Loose or Corroded                           ↓ok   Check and tighten connections
             Battery Charge Low                  ↓ok Check battery voltage
   No Voltage to Starter Solenoid                  ↓ok Check voltage of solenoid
      Solenoid or Starting Motor                        Malfunction                               ↓ok Replace starting motor
  Starting Motor Operating But Not Cranking the Engine                                 ↓ok Remove the starting motor and check for broken teeth on the flywheel or broken starting motor spring
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