1.Significantly improve fuel economy and meet stringent emission regulations

In order to improve the catalytic efficiency of the post-processor, it usually improves the exhaust temperature of the engine.The increase of engine exhaust temperature will increase the fuel consumption of the engine, which can lead to the exhaust performance index and fuel consumption performance index.

TAGA carrying HOLSET ® e dynamic supercharger has powerful thermal management function, working condition of commonly used in the pickup range can actively control the supercharger by-pass valve opening, the reasonable use of engine exhaust energy, at the same time increase the temperature of the post-processing of catalytic effectively reduce the engine fuel consumption, toachieve the goal of emissions and fuel consumption of both.

Measured data show that HOLSET ® e dynamic power engine to reduce the working condition of fuel consumption while increasing processing temperature, with the highest fuel consumption decreased by 6.7%, the post-processing catalytic highest temperature 116 ?.

2.Excellent plateau performance

Plateau area, with increasing altitude, the air is more and more thin, engine air inflow is reduced, in order to ensure the smoke requirement of the engine, and the turbocharger speed exhaust temperature limits, need to plateau engine fall twisting.Compared with the traditional pneumatic bypass valve turbocharger, HOLSET ® e dynamic supercharger will bypass valve open means from passive adjusting control of gas drive instead of active control system, can at high altitudes, active control bypass valve closed, compensate the inlet, give full play to the turbocharger performance, effectively reduce the plateau torsional amplitude reduction, improve the ability of the vehicle plateau.

Below, according to the measured data of actual TAGA pickups carrying HOLSET ® e power compared with the traditional bypass valve turbocharger, active control bypass valve closed, high speed torque can promote nearly 10%, plateau for vehicle dynamic performance has improved significantly.

3.Outstanding reliability

HOLSET ® e power electronic regulator using high torque motor, effectively avoid to be used in harsh environment and frequent exhaust brake on the bypass valve system, the impact of the electric actuator.The electric control regulator has passed around 70 million bypass valves to open the shutdown test and other rigorous tests.Compared with variable nozzles, the supercharger reduces the moving parts under the high temperature and high pressure gas, and the reliability is higher.

HOLSET ® e motivation to meet stringent vehicle harshness (NVH) (vibration noise), and other requirements.In the actual vehicle application, the vibration endurance test of three dimensions on the international advanced vibration pedestal is carried out in three dimensions on the international advanced vibration platform, and the vehicle mileage of 1 million kilometers is simulated.Under the batch test number, HOLSET ® e 0 power failure.

HOLSET ® e power machine is suitable for 2 to 15 l diesel and gas, meet the road countries five, six applications as well as the way the four + + applications.At present, it has successfully matched the engine of the domestic mainstream of 2.2 L, 2.5 L, 2.8 L, 3.0l and so on.At the same time, in the six development stage of China, the six main engines of the multi-country countries have been successfully matched, and it has been formally finalized in the six projects of qingling light card country.

The six stages, HOLSET ® e power through a small inertia rotor system optimization, improve the low-speed torque and transient response.Moreover, it can adapt to the exhaust brake, and can withstand the impact of fine particles, and it can not have the possibility of the hysteresis of rotating parts such as nozzles.

In meet the six emission turbocharging technology, HOLSET ® e power has higher reliability and better cost performance.Much for cummins turbo technologies “black” of science and technology – HOLSET ® e dynamic supercharger make the call!