When the engine was broken, it will show a different noises. It is often the performance of some failures. If it is not eliminated in time, it will speed up the wear of the machine parts and even damage the accident. Therefore, it is necessary to judge in time and take the necessary maintenance measures to eliminate the failure.

Then how to judge the different noises?
1. Judge the working condition of the engine.
2.Touch the temperature and vibration condition of the possible parts.
3.Through a variety of test methods such as press the horn, open the ignition switch, or the light switch and so on.
4.Listen to the sound of the engine in different working conditions and different parts.

The sounds of the valve?
1.Phenomenon?The sound of a diesel engine is easy to appear when it is launched.And the noise will occur frequently when it is serious?but it will return to work after the sound disappears.
2.Solution?Using cylinder pressure gauge to measure cylinder pressure and the cylinder with low pressure is broken.

The sounds of the camshaft?
1.Phenomenon?It will make a loud noise when moderate speed?chaotic noise in high speed?and it will vibrates near the camshaft.
2.Solution?Listen to the different sounds by adjusting speed.

The sounds of the leakage of the engine valve?
1.Phenomenon?It is difficult to start, the exhaust pipe is shot?smoke, fuel consumption increase and so on.
2.Solution?Measurement of cylinder pressure or intake manifold vacuum degree.