Dongfeng cummins countries in addition to the four electronic-controlled engine through computer control precision injection to improve fuel economy, also have some intelligent control function, so as to simplify the operation, improve efficiency, reduce the fuel consumption.The diesel engine will be more intelligent and efficient than the traditional single pump, and will be more economical in the long run.


Start control: at startup, the driver only needs to rotate the ignition key to the start gear, not need to step on the accelerator. In the engine startup moment, the starting oil amount is controlled by the engine electric control system.

Cold start preheating: the air inlet preheating ensures the engine’s low temperature start performance, and the engine automatically controls the preheating function.When the preheater is working, the indicator light will light up on the dashboard of the vehicle. It is not suitable to start the engine at this time. The engine should be started immediately after the light is out.

Idle speed closed-loop control: the engine idle speed control is to point to the control unit can be according to the information such as temperature, battery voltage, air conditioning request automatically adjust the idle speed, and through the closed loop control of the control unit set engine running at idle speed.If the cooling water temperature is low, the engine idle speed will automatically rise to a certain speed;When idle, turn on the air conditioner, the engine idling will also rise to a certain speed.

Deceleration oil cut-off control: when the vehicle in accordance with the freewheeling or slide along the downhill, engine controller control injector fuel injection, slow down to break oil control, when the engine speed gradually decreases to a certain value, the controller to restore the oil supply, keep the engine running.It can not only reduce fuel consumption, but also improve the emission pollution caused by unstable combustion.

Fault diagnosis control: the system can monitor and diagnose the parameters of the engine in real time, and output fault codes to protect the engine and improve the safety of the vehicle.When the system detects a failure, it will light the engine failure indicator on the dashboard to remind the driver to check the engine.

Safety protection: when the cooling water inlet temperature, pressure, temperature anomalies, the system by reducing the oil way to protect the engine when the sensor component failure, such as the system still can make the vehicle to repair site, namely limp home control.


  • Into cruise condition: the speed reaches a certain value (see the vehicle operation instruction), switch on the cruise, loose the throttle, vehicles into cruise mode, when cruising on the clutch or brake, exit the cruise mode automatically.(click the “–” switch, the vehicle will maintain the current speed to enter the cruise;If the “+” switch is pressed, the vehicle will maintain the speed of the last exit cruise and enter the cruise.
  • Adjust the speed at cruising speed: press the “+” or “-” switch quickly and increase or decrease the speed according to the set value (such as 1km/h, 5km/h, etc.).Continuously press the “+” or “-” switch, and the speed will increase or decrease continuously. When the switch is released, the vehicle will maintain the current speed.Step on the gas pedal during the cruise, the speed will increase, release the throttle, the speed will be reduced to the initial setting speed;

Cruise exit conditions:

  • A) step on the clutch;
  • B) braking;
  • C) close the cruise switch.

Possible reasons for cruise not working:

  • A) the clutch switch signal fails, making the electronic control module think that the driver is on the clutch;
  • B) failure of the brake switch signal to make the electronic control module error;
  • C) the speed signal is not, or the signal is unstable;
  • D) failure of cruise master switch.

Note: it is necessary to press the “+” or “-” switch to enter the cruise after opening the cruise master switch.

Maintenance reminder: according to engine total mileage and time, on the instrument after the maintenance mileage and time remind service maintenance lights lit, to alert users to timely maintenance (this feature is optional).

Safety reminder: the electronic control system provides the safety reminder device, such as the starting machine lock stop feature, transmission line protection and other functions, can open the control function according to the user’s needs, and carry out the safety reminder.

Idle stop: when the engine is finished, if there is no operation in 30 minutes, the engine will stop automatically and reduce fuel consumption.