The operation key of diesel engines in dongfeng cummins.

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Dongfeng cummins countries in addition to the four electronic-controlled engine through computer control precision injection to improve fuel economy, also have some intelligent control function, so as to simplify the operation, improve efficiency, reduce the fuel consumption.The diesel engine will be more intelligent and efficient than the traditional single pump, and will be more economical in the long run.   Start control: at startup, the driver only needs to rotate the ignition key to the start gear, not need to step on the accelerator. In the engine startup moment, the starting oil amount is controlled by the engine electric control

The three malfunction sounds of the diesel engine

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When the engine was broken, it will show a different noises. It is often the performance of some failures. If it is not eliminated in time, it will speed up the wear of the machine parts and even damage the accident. Therefore, it is necessary to judge in time and take the necessary maintenance measures to eliminate the failure. Then how to judge the different noises? 1. Judge the working condition of the engine. 2.Touch the temperature and vibration condition of the possible parts. 3.Through a variety of test methods such as press the horn, open the ignition switch, or the

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