Case Study: Cummins engine performance its outstanding quality and service life after working 20000 hours in miner

Mr.Geng is the production manager of a mine in Jiangxi. He has 8 Liugong excavators equipped with QSB7 engines produced by Guangxi Cummins. Many of them work for more than 10,000 hours, or even more than 20,000 hours. Under extra bad working conditions, Cummins Power helps Liugong excavators to ensure their outstanding quality and service life. In this mine, 8 Liugong excavators work an average of 20 hours per day. The operators work in two shifts and the equipment hardly rests, which greatly tests the reliability of excavators. "The mine needs production to be profitable, and to ensure the output

Six of The Most Common Problems of Marine Engines

In order to ensure marine engines always maintain efficient operation, it may need a lot of time, energy, and resources. In order to better prepare and saving time and cost, the following are the most common problems that should be paid attention to when dealing with marine engines.   Faulty alarms and sensors The main engine is equipped with different sensors to measure actual data and transmit it to the alarm console. However, these sensors may collapse due to factors such as vibration, high temperature, humidity, and dust. To avoid receiving false distress signals, please check all cabin sensors and alarms

Why does Cummins diesel engine turn off automatically?

The first reason--- fuel supply system   1.The machine stoped because the fuel was used up or fuel tank switch closed. 2.Diesel fuel is not cleaned or rectly used without filtration &precipitation and it not replaced regularly. 3.There are impurities in the high-pressure fuel pipe, which make the needle valve parts of the injector wear and make the needle valve parts not close tightly, causing the high-pressure gas in the combustion chamber to burn out the needle valve parts. 4.There is water in the tank, because the proportion of water is greater than the oil, the water will slowly separate and deposit to the bottom. stay in the bend of the oil road or the filter, in addition to corrosion of the oil road, causing rust, will also affect the normal oil supply of the fuel system. 5.The plunger pair or outlet valve pair of fuel injection pump is seriously worn, and the sealing performance is worse.This will lead to lower oil pressure of the fuel injection pump, resulting in delayed fuel injection, insufficient fuel combustion, and ultimately lead to difficulties in starting the engine.   Second influencing factor ---crank and connecting rod mechanism   1. The diesel engine lost water, causing the cylinder liner and piston to heat up and expand and become stuck. 2. Piston is broken. 3.The oil pump is severely worn and the oil supply pressure is insufficient,the inner cavity of the connecting rod journal is not cleaned regularly, and the oil outlet is blocked by sludge, causing tile burning and shaft holding accidents. 4.The cylinder head gasket is damaged. The oil and water channels are connected, the coolant enters the cylinder 5.The connecting rod bolt is broken, the balance shaft is broken or the crankshaft is broken.    The third factor affected --Valve mechanism   1. The valve rocker arm and rocker arm seat are broken, and the valve cannot be opened; 2. The valve clearance adjustment screw and lock nut are loose or the adjustment screw is broken, causing the valve to fail to open; 3. The valve spring is broken, and the valve is broken.   Whatsapp/ wechat: +86 177 1178 6673  Linkedin: Amy Chen E: [email protected] Web:  

Emission control of fuel injection system

The key to purification the harmful gas of diesel engines is to eliminate the NO x and PM emission. Improve fuel injection systems is undoubtedly the principal measure. The following are specific measures to control emissions: 1. Delay injection advance Angle to reduce NO x emission Delay fuel injection, pressure, and temperature will be rising the ignition delay period are shortened, premixed fuel injection reduced. Reducing premixed oil and mixed gas will reduce the rising degree of pressure and temperature in the rapid burning period, thus reducing NO x emission. 2. High-pressure fuel injection to reduces PM emissions (1) Reduce

How to install a timing gear correctly for a Cummins diesel engine?

The key for a timing gear installation is: The timing mark on the camshaft timing gear must be aligned with the mark on the crankshaft timing gear. If it was installed incorrectly, it will directly affect Cummins diesel engine working efficiency and damage the engine, such as push rod or rocker arm will be bent or broken, the valve will hit the piston. The following steps will help you install engine gears correctly: All Cummins genuine camshaft timing gears are marked as two chamfers or one point, and usually marked as special color for easy identification, and there is only

DCEC Cummins Engine C serial engine operation and maintenance manual

DCEC Cummins Engine C serial engine's Operation and Maintenance Manual is available from our company for your enginen's maintenance reference, if need this one, please kindly contact our sale team to supply. Meanwhile, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company(DCEC) manufactued all Engine's parts catalog and operation, maintenance manual all available from us for your reference. For the Engine's Spare parts order, please make sure the order base on the latest manuacture when ordering, because of products promotion, some parts may update the struction, size and parts numbers. The Current Parts catalogue update won't go along with the products promotion, the current parts

Troubleshooting of Cummins Diesel Engine – Water Spray of Exhaust Manifold

Phenomenon: TY320B Bulldozer equipped with Cummins Engine NTA855-C360. After 800 hours working time, some water appears in cylinder everyday when engine shutdown. Next morning it’ll be hard to start and some water will be sprayed out from exhaust pipe. Failure Analysis and solutions: 1 Cylinder Head Gasket burns and causes water leak Troubleshooting: After engine totally cooled(4-5hours), dismantle the cylinder head and check the cylinder head gasket. If gasket burns then change it. If no problems, go on with the following steps. 2 Cylinder Head has cracks or injector nozzle copper sleeve leaks Troubleshooting: Block the waterway ports of Cylinder

Cummins Engine’s Exhaust Pipe Emit White Smoke Eliminations methods

What are the causes and elimination methods for the exhaust pipe white smoke of Cummins diesel engine after starting . Cummins China Dongfeng Cummins( DCEC),Chongqing(CCEC),Xi'an & Foton Cummins(BFCEC) related technical maintenance and spare parts information as below : Information address : Email /Skype: [email protected] Whatsapp/Wechat : 0086 17788904687 Exhaust white smoke is caused by the unburned diesel fuel in the combustion chamber after evaporation or cooling water entering the combustion chamber , the causes and elimination methods of white smoke from exhaust of diesel generator set are as follows : 1 . Cylinder liner , cylinder head with cracks

Cummins K19/K38/K50 Generator Set Maintenance

A class/daily maintenance for Cummins Genset KTA19/KTA38/KTA50 Check Engine Oil Level/Coolant level Check and make sure no damage and leakage of Genset Check if V-ribbed Belt is loose or worn Inspect the Air Cleaner Element/Fuel Filter and change if necessary Release the sediment from Fuel tank Go over the starter battery and fluid, refill in time Cleansing water tank/cooler when in need B class maintenance for Cummins Genset KTA19/KTA38/KTA50 Every 100-250 hours change the fuel filter. Replacement time depends on the real status Every 200-250 hours change the oil filter. Lubricating oil should meet America APICF or above.  (Note: Both

Chonqing Cummins CCEC Engine’s Injection Timing Code

Chonqing Cummins(CCEC) Engine’s Injection Timing Code Injection Timing is the time at which injection of fuel into the combustion chamber begins. It is usually expressed in crank angle degrees (CAD) relative to TDC of the compression stroke. In some cases, it is important to differentiate between the indicated SOI and actual SOI. SOI is often indicated by an easily measured parameter such as the time that an electronic trigger is sent to the injector or a signal from a needle lift sensor that indicates when the injector needle valve starts to open. The point in the cycle where this occurs is the indicated SOI. Due

ChongQing Cummins Engine Company (CCEC) Parts Catalog

For CCEC manufactured NTA855/K19/K38/K50 Series Engine, Parts Catalog Book shall be delivered with the Engine. The catalog is guideline for our customers to order the parts he/she wants. However with the improvement of engine producing, the parts no. in the catalog book may be different from that in present production. As a result the following information should be provided when you order the parts: Engine model and shop order No. (s.o.) on the nameplate of your engine or the certificate, and also the series no. of engine. The exact part no. in the catalog (it's better to put down the

Troubleshooting – Engine Will Not Crank or Cranks Slowly

Cause                                              Correction         Engine Drive Units Engaged                                 ?ok Disengage driven units and check for loading from malfunctioning accessories.   Crankshaft Rotation Restricted                                ?ok Rotate the crankshaft to check for rotational resistance.       Starting Circuit Connections                 Loose or Corroded 

Cummins Diesel Engine Main Maintenance

Maintenance by class as follow: Daily maintenance (daily work) First class technical maintenance (up to working 100h or every other month) Second class technical maintenance ( up to working 500h or every other 6 month) Third class technical maintenance ( up to working 1000h ~1500h or every other 1 year) Whatever which class maintenance should be have plan and step by step for check and install, and use the tools reasonable and after disassemble parts should keep it clear, and plain anti-corrosive oil, also remember it the corresponding location for removable parts, and un-removable parts construction point, and assemble interval

Cummins Engine Usage and Maintenance Tips

1.What is the normal operating water temperature? In general, the best water temperature about 95 ℃, the diesel engine is the most energy saving this condition.Cummins engine can accurately control the temperature in the range, water temperature between 85-85 ℃ during normal operation, excessive driving instrument can be observed.When the temperature exceeds 107 ℃ (red area), the engine will automatically limit twist, engine trouble light and water level alarm lamp will light, when stop indicator should immediately pull over. 2.How to control the water temperature? For an engine, the key is the fuel economy and the fan.Engine using two different

CCEC K19 Family Diesel Engine Properties and Features

Super Power Covering 450-890 horsepower, maximum torque 2586 N.m Dead weight 1838 kg, large power dead weight ratio!   Low oil consumption, good economy   Cummins PT fuel systems in patented technology , ultra high injection pressure, ensure good engine atomization and full burning. Efficient Holset waste gas turbocharger ensure intake fully, improve engine efficiency, further improve combustion, reduce engine oil consumption. Air to air intercooler technology guarantee intake more fully, better fuel economy.   Compact structure, convenient maintenance  Replaceable wet cylinder liner, easy replacement and good radiating. Cylinder block and cylinder head adopt built-in pressure oil way, compact structure, low

Beijing Foton Cummins ISF 4.5L Engine – Euro6 Emission Standard

Beijing Foton Cummins ISF 4.5L Euro6 Emission Standard has a compact power structure, with only 330kg weight, 30% lighter than similar four-cylinder engine, parts number reduced by 40%, more convenient for following maintenance. ISF 4.5L can power up to 154kW (210 hp), lifting power over 34kW/L, the max torque is up to 760N.m, economical speed range is 1200-1800 r/min. ISF 4.5L engine also inherited the excellent genes of the original ISF 3.8 in terms of reliability and durability.

DCEC Cummins B series Engine Maintenance Schedule

Cummins B series Engine Maintenance Schedule   Maintenance Schedule Daily Or Refueling   Every 10,000Km, 250 Hours or 3 months Every 19,000Km, 500 Hours or 6 months Every 38,000Km, 1000 Hours or 12 months Every 77,000Km, 2000Hours or 2Years Check Change/Replace *Oil Level *Coolant Level *Fan-Inspection *Drive Belt-Inspection *Fuel Water Trap *Lub Oil *Lub Filter *Lube Oil *Lube Filter *Fuel Filter *Lube Oil *Lube Filter *Fuel Filter *Lube Oil *Lube Filter *Fuel Filter *Antifreeze Adjust Valve Lash Clearance Check/Inspect *Air Cleaner *Intake system *Charge Air Cooler *Air Cleaner *Intake system *Antifreeze *Charge Air Cooler   *Air Cleaner *Intake system *Charge

How to verify Cummins China genuine parts

Old Original Label Scratch the coating and the 20 –digit unique anti-fake code can be found. You can test the authenticity of the product in any of the following ways: Call +86 010-12365 Send ZJJ* plus the anti-counterfeiting code by SMS to 12114 Visit the parts page of Cummins website for check   New Original Label    Scratch the coating and scan QR code through Wechat.  Call +86 400-166-379 and enter 16 anti-counterfeiting codes  Send the 16 anti-counterfeiting codes in a SMS to 1066-9588-210-838  Visit parts page of Cummins website  for check.

BFCEC-Beijing Foton Cummins ISF series engine models

  BFCEC Foton Cummins Engines ISF2.8 and ISF3.8 Engine's Models   BFCEC Cummins,  knows as Foton Cummins(Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co.,Ltd), Has been estimated in 2008 and mainly manufacture the ISF model engines 2.8 litres and 3.8 Litres for light vehicule applications and ISF 4.5 litres engines for mediun and ISG11 and ISG12 Litres engine for heavy Vehicules use. Now well used on Foton Truck, JAC Truck and Foton Pick up and got very good evaluation by the end user. ISF2.8 engines models Engine Models Rated Power/Speed Peak Torque/Speed Emission Standard Aftertreatment ISF2.8S5129T 129(96)@2900 [email protected] Euro V SCR ISF2.8S5148T 148(110)@2900

Typical Failure Analysis of CCEC Cummins K-19 Diesel Generator Set.

Typical Failure Analysis of CCEC Cummins K-19 Diesel Generator Set.     1 Performance of typical failure. 1.1 the coolant does not circulate. At work often encounter coolant loop: not have large cycle, no small cycle, or with minor cycle without large cycle, this makes the unit appear cylinder temperature rising fast, high oil temperature rise caused by the sudden stop wait for a phenomenon, directly affect the safe use of the unit. 1.2 Low oil pressure. The low oil pressure can cause the lubrication of the transmission parts of the unit. If the oil road is blocked, there will

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